Legal Services

Here at Gary Jacobs we offer specialist legal advice in all aspects of family law. The areas of family law that we work in are:


The process of adoption can be made a lot easier by letting us help and guide you through the process by offering our expert advice and making sure that the adoption procedure is made as simple as possible for you.

Care Proceedings

If social services have become involved with your children, we can help parents and other family members whether you need to attend case conferences, as representation in in court cases, negotiating with social workers, or if you are under 18 and there is a court case about you, if it is about you being taken in to care or whether you have to see a particular family member we can give you legal advice and representation on the matter.

Family Law

We can give you advice on various matters of family law such as contact with children, name change, specific issues, prohibited steps, wardship, maintenance and adoption. We can also offer advice and assistance regarding many aspects of law that relates to children such as residence orders, contact, parental responsibility, specific issues/prohibited steps order and special guardianship orders.

Emergency Injunctions

If you need advice on seeking a court order to prevent someone from harming you, harassing you or to stay away from you or your home then the team at Gary Jacobs can provide you with urgent advice and assistance and, if it is necessary, can arrange representation at court to apply for an emergency order.

If you are in need of any legal advice or aid in any of these areas then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange an appointment so that we can provide you with the advice and guidance that you need.


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